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Have you ever thought of being in the television or movie industry? Have you ever wondered where you would go for open casting calls? Well we all get a chance at bat its just a matter of what you do with the opportunity. By the way did you know that the film business is one of the biggest earning industries? On average the business generates 65 billion a year, and in the competitive world of acting, talent and ability by themselves are not going to cut it. That's why we are here in order to provide you with solid opportunities that will help you prosper. We have tons of open casting calls available and are always in huge demand for individuals to attend these open casting calls and get the ball rolling on their acting career or even further it.

We have established many relationships with film producers, casting directors and film distribution companies, they constantly update us on open casting calls that are available and they also have accounts with Casting Spot and post their open casting calls directly to our system.

With our huge database of open casting calls and our diligent team of casting directors your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Casting-Spot is for people who want to earn extra money on the side or full-time in the movie and television industry. You knowing where all of the great open casting calls are is our #1 priority. As long as your able to attend any of the open casting calls that become available our team of casting directors will get you casted in productions, so rather you play a role in the background or get some sort of speaking role, or become the next huge reality T.V. star we are your # 1 source for open casting calls.

Join and you'll have access to tons of open casting calls. Our team of Casting Directors have attended many open casting calls and know what it takes to land the gig and will coach you all the way through so that you can take full advantage of the many open casting calls we have available. You can also get extra money in your pocket or get the ball rolling on your dream job.

How it Works


Alert: I Robot 2 now doing a massive casting call for featured extras gig pays $3,400 - $7,100 per day.. Join Today to get in on the action !



Casting Calls and Auditions

We are always posting new casting opportunities, open casting calls, and audition info. Our casting calls opportunities are all across the United States and we even post for some European areas as well . This means that you'll be able to get acting work right around your local area. We also have a very user friendly system which enables you to search for casting opportunities with ease.

Television Casting                                                                                              

Become the next huge reality TV star and earn up to $10,000 a night for simple night club appearances, or you can audition for sitcoms, T.V. commercials and even make extra money being in Paid Programming Ad Campaigns.We post casting notices for every kind of television production and we cast for every major network.

Motion Picture Casting

Be in the next huge motion picture staring your favorite actor or actresses we have access to all casting calls available for every type of film genre and we work with all the major film production companies.

Music Video Casting                                                                                                  

Be in your favorite music performers next huge music video as a dancer, extra, eye candy or even a lead role. Get a chance to work with the hottest music video directors in the business.
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If you've never been on television or in the movie business then more than likely you have limited knowledge on where to start and how to start. Once you sign up with you will gain access to the most exclusive information about becoming a success and staying a success. We have connections with some of the most intelligent mentors in the business. 

Showing up on time

Woody Allen is quoted as saying "85% of success is showing up." This means that first and foremost you have to show up to these casting calls that are available.

Don't add your own dialogue

Often one of the casting directors will be a writer for the film, so they can usually take this personal or they may feel that your trying to avoid your responsibility of knowing the lines.

Remain Likable

No matter how bad the character you are playing may be, you must when over the audience by using this technique and it can often take you to a level with the character that will impress the writer.

Display Motivation

Without doing this you can come across not passionate about the role and also it helps you to project your voice when doing theater work and it adds a vibrancy to your character.


Once you sign up with we will give you access to some of the most influential acting guides of all time. 


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Resources of the Industry

When you sign up with we will give you information to the top acting classes, photo retouching, video services, photographers and the best portfolio builders in the industry.

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