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Casting-Spot.com is "Your One Stop Casting Spot™" we have all information available for reality television shows, movies, television sitcoms, commercials and paid programing campaign ads. Our team of casting directors work with tons of executive producers in order to get our members casted in productions where they can earn $1,200 - $5,000 per day as a movie or television extra. People always ask "Do you have casting opportunities near me?" and the answer is yes. We have casting opportunities all across the United States and Canada.

Join Casting-Spot and we'll help you earn extra money by getting you casted for productions that are within a 50 mile radius of your home and we will get you exposed to talent agents, talent scouts, casting directors, managers, and producers.These groups of people continuously utilize our services and are always looking for a fresh face. Our casting directors will not let you down, so you can always rest assured that when you ask your self are casting opportunities near me, you'll be very satisfied once signing up.

Join today and find the information you need to become a successful movie or television extra. In our members area you'll have links to talent agents, film commissions, photographers, acting coaches and more.

Fresh casting notices and audition schedules are posted on our web site regularly, and our team of casting directors are always finding gigs for our members that maintain photos in our talent data-base plus our acting columns provide great advice and guidance which can help you throughout your acting career. Once you can understand the concept that yes, casting opportunities are near me you will have great satisfaction with our services.