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Fabiola Swartz


I've wanted to do movie and television work since I was 9, and now after joining I can really see that my life long dream is really coming to life.

~Fabiola Swartz

Craig Hall


Hey, I just scored my 3rd audition in the last 8 days, and I've only had this account for 2 weeks. I recommend that any aspiring actor or actress join immediately. I'm soooo excited!!

~Craig Hall

Brend Reyes


Hola Casting Spot

I just want to thank you for not charging a huge price for access to your site. I've noticed a lot of other casting companies break down packages you can choose from.( i.e “Gold Package, Silver Package etc...”) But it makes me think, isn't getting a role just getting a role, why does it need to be so complicated ? Anyhow you guys are awesome for just offering one flat rate that is extremely affordable. I hope that people realize that there is tons of movie and television extra work available and use your services. Keep up the good work and I'm always here to support you since your supporting me. =)


~Brenda Reyes

Curtis Mattews


Wow! If you want to be in the movie industry like me. This is definitely the right place to get started. The first gig I landed on this site was a featured extra role in the film What Maisie Knew. The second one was Drinking Buddies, I only played a regular extra role but the director is working on a new film that is suppose to be somewhat like VHS and I've landed a supporting lead role in the upcoming film, I'm thrilled to have developed a relationship with such a phenomenal director. Joining this site has been a life changing event and I would like to thank you so much. God bless the Casting Spot team!

~Curtis Matthews

George Franklin


Dear Casting Spot,
I have seriously been meaning to write you guys, boy ol boy, I've been so busy with a pilot television show that may be getting picked up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.. I had been applying for tons of your casting post for like 1 week and I didn't get a response but then about 2 weeks in, BAMM I just started getting flooded with gigs. I love the site and I would just recommend that you help people get their SAG card more diligently, although I would like to thank Jeff on your staff for seeing me all the way through and helping me to obtain mine.


~George Franklin

Cynthia Blarr


I'm currently signed up with like 4 other Casting sites and I've got to admit Casting Spot is the most realistic one. Its like what you see is what you get and also the leads are not so exacerbated like most of the these companies who share the same leads. Keep up the good work with the original leads! Like McDonalds I'm lovin it. lol

~Cynthia Blarr

Naomi Avila

I love the site and my bank account is looking right !

-Naomi Avila

Grace Parker


I signed up on the re-curing plan initially just to get the lower rate. But I'm so glad that I did. I now find myself going through the leads you guys automatically send me like they are post from my friends on Facebook. I'm so addicted ever since I've landed those 3 roles. Thank You Casting Spot, keep those leads coming!!

~Grace Parker

Tyler McGarth


Dear Casting Spot Staff, I found your website earlier in April. I submitted my profile to your site. Then 4 days later I received a call from an MTV casting director who saw my profile on your site. I went down to their office in L.A. and now I've started work on this dating spoof show they plan to air very soon. I just hope I can get into some music videos, since dance is my true passion.

~Tyler McGarth

Sarah Warren

I signed up with this site just to make some extra money while I get my degree in accounting and one thing I’m really big on is investment and return. I signed up about 7 weeks ago and I made my money back within
the 1st week after I landed a television commercial job and since then I've booked at least 4 jobs. This was definitely a great investment. I wish you guys much success!

~Sarah Warren

Keith Levitz


I must say you guys are the MAN!! I landed my first job on this site within three days. A supporting lead role on a made for TV movie with FX. I'm signed up with many sites, including 'Actors Access', & '', but your site is the only site that I get work from. I've already told all my buddies that you can't get any better results from any other Casting Site! Guaranteed!!!



~Keith Levitz